The ChristenUnie (ChristianUnion) Utrecht is a party in the local council of the muncipality of Utrecht. We have two seats in a council of 45 seats total. Our councillors are Rik van der Graaf and Bina Chirino.

We are part of the board of mayor and aldermen. We have one aldermen, Rachel Streefland. She is responsible for Asylum and Integration, Social Shelter and Sheltered Housing, Together for Overvecht, Heritage (including Canals), Personnel and Organisation, Overvecht District. 

The ChristenUnie also has a board of association, consisting of Erika Pors (president), Jelmer Joustra, Joël van Eerde, Joël Visser and Jochem Duinhof.

Our views in short

  • Cooperative—sustainability, instead of self-sustainability. We believe in a society that battles challenges together.

  • A green city takes care of heat stress, more biodiversity, clean air and cooling. We invest in this, and fight for the conservation of nature.

  • A city where everyone participates, where there is room for diversity.

  • Climate justice, is what we stand for. Everybody gets the chance to live a sustainable lifestyle. The government helps those who need help to do so.

  • Living to connect: we don't just want to built houses, but to establish communities.

Do right, together

In 2022 Utrecht will be 900 years old. Utrecht is one of the fastest growing cities in the Netherlands. In the past four years, as part of the municipality government, we worked hard for our ideals. We contributed to the expansion of the city and the quality of life in Utrecht. Governing is a privilege and a responsibility. Partly because of our work, the city has made big steps in the past years. But at the same time we see that we can, and must, do better. Mainly in the fields of sustainability and welfare.

From a heart full of faith, hope and love for this world, we want to do right, together.

  • Do, because our words are meaningless if we don't act on them

  • Right, because every person counts, and we want to fight injustice

  • Together, because nobody should have to go through life alone, and the government only does its job well when it does it together with its residents

Our first priority is a society that takes care of each other, with a government as an ally for those in need. Secondly, we think that more sustainable choices are needed. Creation blossoms through, and with, people.

If you have questions or comments, feel free to email us: christenunie@utrecht.nl