Seize opportunities, protect the vulnerable

In Utrecht the ChristenUnie tries to translate its political mission in a policy that focuses on the seizing of opportunities and the protection of that what is vulnerable. In a practical manner this means that we have to care for each other, especially for the most vulnerable people living in Utrecht. And it means we create opportunities for everyone in Utrecht and for the city as a whole.

The ChristenUnie (ChristianUnion) is a political party in the Netherlands which endeavours to make a christian-social message heard in all political forums. The ChristenUnie builds on the knowledge of great thinkers in the Christian tradition like Augustine, Luther and Calvin. The ChristenUnie advocates politics and policies based on biblical principles.

Why vote ChristenUnie?

  • Priority for bikes

The bike is in Utrecht transport number one. We continue to see the bike as the road to a sustainable city. The ChristenUnie therefore calls for new bike action. Such as sufficient (and free!) bicycle parking at the train stations, more green light for cyclists and wider paths.

  • Space for volunteers

Volunteers are the driving force in sports clubs, cultural events, social organizations, (student) associations and churches. All these (small) initiatives of volunteers together provide a big opportunity. The ChristenUnie wants to give these volunteers assistance by a local government who gives them involvement in policy making and, when necessary, an investment.

  • Care for the victims of human trafficking

Exploitation and trafficking of girls and women is undeniably linked to the prostitution sector. Therefore the ChristenUnie wants help for prostitutes who want to leave the sector, night closing of the windows, a language requirement for prostitutes, ending of street prostitution and care after closing.

  • Giving hope in poverty and debts

Nearly 1 in 10 households in Utrecht lives at or below the social minimum. Many of them are caught up in debt or threaten to sink in it. Financial cuts for the help with financial distress are unacceptable. The ChristenUnie offers these people hope and access to opportunities.