Jointly responsible for creation

Jointly responsible for creation

The current climate crisis requires action now. For us as ChristenUnie, this means rapidly becoming more sustainable, and adapting while it is still possible. That is why we want to fight, more than ever, for serious investments in making Utrecht more sustainable. Solid ground underfoot, healthy air and a liveable climate, are basic necessities for every resident. In order to flourish as a society, we focus on a healthy living environment, a sustainably accessible city, and sufficient and good housing.

Climate Change Action Plan
First of all, we want an ambitious green policy that takes care of creation and its inhabitants. Recently published climate reports make us realise that we can no longer wait to take responsibility when it comes to caring for creation. We want Utrecht to be energy neutral as soon as possible. That is why we will not leave any step untaken to achieve climate neutrality by 2030.

The time for research is behind us; the time for doing is before us. Together, and with the municipality at the forefront, we bear the responsibility for radical changes to save the climate. This requires major choices that change our living environment. These choices can be difficult, but they also create new opportunities, and bring great benefits.

By investing in wind and solar energy, Utrecht will run on sustainably generated energy in the future. Due to adjustments in the management of greenery and water, there will be more cooling in the urban environment. By insulating houses, we will live more comfortably and more cheaply. That is why we will be working on making neighbourhoods free of natural gas in the coming years. In order to achieve our 2030 ambition, we need to make thousands of homes natural gas-free in the coming period.

We want to stop using fossil fuels as soon as possible, and also expand sustainable fuel generation. We are going to use areas suitable for wind turbines to generate wind energy. Where we can place windmills, we will place them. For the generation of solar energy, we will leave no roof unused. Making our city more climate-adaptive involves more cooling areas. We advocate more recreational swimming locations, for example Veilinghaven, Kromme Rijn or Rhijnauwen.

We need to tackle climate change together. As far as the ChristenUnie is concerned, in the coming years, we are therefor working on a green policy, together with the region. There is mutual dependence and responsibility between the municipalities in the region. In this collaboration, with its expertise and implementation power, Utrecht can make a major contribution as a knowledge partner and driver. And even though climate action seems like something big and complex, every resident of Utrecht can do his or her bit. For example, by using articles and raw materials sparingly, giving clothing a new life, and making the home energy-neutral.

Living, and your immediate surroundings
Housing is a human right. Housing is protection. Living is a foundation to participation in society. The ChristenUnie wants every Utrechter to find a suitable place to live. Right now, many people are in a jamb; there is no movement in the housing market. Square meters are scarce and therefore expensive. That is why we have to deal smarter with the scarce available space.

The ChristenUnie stands for innovative forms of cohabitation and mixed living concepts. An additional advantage: a shared living space can lead to accelerated integration, and make a social contribution. In the search for a suitable place to live, the ChristenUnie pays extra attention to particularly vulnerable groups, such as the elderly, status holders and the homeless. A home is the foundation from which someone can participate in society.

When new living spaces are constructed, the ChristenUnie wants sustainable materials to be used, with social contact and encounters central, and enough social facilities available. We also want to allow more high-rise buildings to make better use of the available space. At these locations there must be communal gardens and facilities where neighbours and residents can meet.

We want an action plan that states how we will realise ten new neighbourhood meeting places by 2030. In the coming period, we will realise at least three of these new meeting places. Vacant retail buildings are given a new social interpretation. We convert them into places where people can circulate, work on the circular economy or start a social enterprise.

Everyone travelling healthily
The ChristenUnie is committed to sustainable and healthy forms of mobility. Mobility is more than accessibility; it is a necessity of life that enables residents to participate in society. The ChristenUnie is committed to good accessibility and healthy travelling on foot and by bike. In 2030, Utrecht will be known as a walking city par excellence. The greener we design the public space, the more attractive it becomes to walk short distances instead of cycling.

The ChristenUnie wants roads to be adapted even better to cyclists and walkers. This benefits both pleasure and road safety. In addition, we are committed to a car-free city centre and to more parking facilities. By maintaining and expanding the environmental zone, we improve the air quality for our residents. Sustainable forms of mobility must grow with the growth of Utrecht, and therefore a scale leap is needed in public transportation. We are therefore fully committed to an extra intercity train station (Lunetten) and two new tram connections in Utrecht, making the thousands of extra homes easily accessible.